Who can apply

The World Guide Founda­tion is a global partner­ship between people and organi­za­tions, who are passion­ate about devel­op­ing the next gener­a­tion of leaders in family, business and society in general — with a focus on guiding girls and young women on their way towards respon­si­ble and active citizen­ship, creating positive change in society. The Founda­tion cooper­ates with organi­za­tions sharing this mission. Our Social Investors and we are eager to see long-term impact combined with short-term outcomes and usually work with long-term projects, needing funding of more than USD 10,000.

Before applying, you should have a clear picture of your project, which should meet these criteria:

  • Must include and focus on leader­ship devel­op­ment
  • No equipment purchase, unless essential to project success
  • Budget/estimate above USD 10,000
  • Local project resources are available
  • Desired start 3–6 months after date of appli­ca­tion

Write to us at wgf@worldguidefoundation.org and ask for our appli­ca­tion process.

Please feel free to contact us with questions about projects, criteria and how to apply.