Together, let us turn today's girls and young women into tomorrow’s leaders - for a better world

The World Guide Foundation (WGF) is a global partnership between people and organizations, who share a passion for developing the next generation of young leaders in family, business and society in general. Our mission is to guide young people, in particular girls and young women, on their way towards responsible and active citizenship, creating positive change in society.

Guiding/Scouting is about developing Leadership. Whenever we support and train girls and young women to become self-confident, responsible and ready to take initiative and take the lead, we are growing leaders.

The World Guide Foundation supports national girl guide/scout organizations in development countries set up and implement ambitious projects and programs for girls and young women. Projects are in the areas of i.e. Capacity Building, Membership Growth, Leadership Development Programs, Program Development, Entrepreneurship/Social Entrepreneurship, Mentor Programs and similar.

2 Million Girls and Young Women in Africa - so far...

Since 2018 the World Guide Foundation has supported various projects in 11 African countries.

These projects have as of October 2023 resulted in more than 2 million new members of the girl scout associations in Africa. The World Guide Foundation has also helped engage 150.000 girls and young women in Malaysia.

2 million girls and young leaders are now on their way towards responsible and active citizenship and creating positive change in society - made possible by the World Guide Foundation.

Project countries

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World Guide Foundation is honored to have Her Royal Highness Princess Benedikte of Denmark as Patron. HRH Princess Benedikte has a passion for inspiring and supporting girls and young women to develop life skills and leadership competences to become leaders of tomorrow. In support of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), Princess Benedikte has inspired numerous people from all over the world to donate generously to the work with girls and young women. WAGGGS is the primary partner of the World Guide Foundation.


A society with many qualified and active female leaders will change the society to the better - not only for women, but for everybody.