Who can apply

The World Guide Foundation is a global partnership between people and organizations, who are passionate about developing the next generation of leaders in family, business and society in general - with a focus on guiding girls and young women on their way towards responsible and active citizenship, creating positive change in society. The Foundation cooperates with organizations sharing this mission. Our Social Investors and we are eager to see long-term impact combined with short-term outcomes and usually work with long-term projects, needing funding of more than USD 10,000.

Before applying, you should have a clear picture of your project, which should meet these criteria:

  • Must include and focus on leadership development
  • No equipment purchase, unless essential to project success
  • Budget/estimate above USD 10,000
  • Local project resources are available
  • Desired start 3-6 months after date of application

Write to us at wgf@worldguidefoundation.org and ask for our application process.

Please feel free to contact us with questions about projects, criteria and how to apply.