Membership Growth, PILOT 2018

Being a Girl Guide in Uganda and all over the world gives access to leader­ship training and life skills devel­op­ment for the individ­ual girl and young woman, enabling her to take lead in her own life and in society. UGGA has set the ambitious goal of growing the organi­za­tion from current 200,000 members to 450,000 members by end of 2020.

The greatest challenge will be recruit­ing and training a suffi­cient number of new leaders, to accom­mo­date such tremen­dous and rapid growth.

The PILOT 2018 project tests the UGGA member­ship growth concept in five districts within one region, before potential scaling up of the project to all of Uganda. The project works with growth in both school-based and community-based Guiding. The project further works with strength­en­ing the current member­ship fee-structure for schools and individ­u­als, to ensure stable income for future Guiding activ­i­ties.

Finally, the project includes devel­op­ment and imple­men­ta­tion of a digital member­ship system. By the middle of June 2018 the project is perform­ing according to plan, is on budget and has surpassed the target of 150 new leaders.



Uganda Girl Guides Associ­a­tion (UGGA)

Project Name
Member­ship Growth, PILOT 2018

150 new leaders and 15,000 new members. Member­ship system imple­ment­ed

USD 34,500

January–September 2018