Why World Guide Foundation exists

The World Guide Founda­tion (WGF) is a global partner­ship between people and organi­za­tions, who share a passion for devel­op­ing the next gener­a­tion of young leaders in family, business and society in general. Our mission is to guide young people, in partic­u­lar girls and young women, on their way towards respon­si­ble and active citizen­ship, creating positive change in society. We are proud to have Her Royal Highness Princess Benedikte of Denmark as Patron of the Founda­tion.

Scouting/Guiding* as educational platform

The World Guide Founda­tion has chosen Scouting/Guiding as educa­tion­al platform, because we know it works. The ‘Scout/Guide Method’ is a ‘progres­sive’, non-formal educa­tion­al program adapting to all cultures, religions, social and ethnic groups, based on simple everlast­ing princi­ples, among which ‘Learning by Doing’ is the best known. Scouts/Guides work in smaller groups, where they learn to cooperate, to be respon­si­ble and to take the lead whenever appro­pri­ate and necessary in order to make things happen. The program is ‘progres­sive’ which means that the challenges and need for respon­si­bil­i­ty are adapted to the age of the children and young people. The Founda­tion will make the ‘Scout/Guide Method’ the basis for every project we engage in.

Read more about Scouting/Guiding as our strategic partner.

*A note on terminology

Guides and Scouts around the world call themselves Guides, Girl Guides, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts or simply Scouts. To avoid repeti­tion, the World Guide Founda­tion will use the term ‘Scout’ to cover any of the above. While referring specif­i­cal­ly to girls and young women who are our primary focus, the term ‘Scout’ should be under­stood as Girl Scout, Girl Guide or Guide.