Why invest with the World Guide Foundation

Scouting/Guiding is about developing Leadership. Whenever you support and train girls and young women to become self-confident, responsible and ready to take the lead, you support the development of tomorrow’s leaders. We are here to help you invest in ambitious projects and programmes, primarily for girls and young women. Our investors want to see rapid progress and outcomes, and long-term substantial impact and social change.  We on our side promise real value for money. As investor, you can expect to invest in well-planned projects with clear goals and impact.

Value for money

Investing in the next generation of young leaders together with The World Guide Foundation means that:

  • Your money can make substantial social impact because good leaders benefit society decades ahead.
  • You can reach all regions and almost all countries in the world.
  • You and we work with a partner with 100 years of experience in developing leadership for girls and young women.
  • You can invest in projects with focus on almost all of the 17 UN Sustainability Development Goals
  • Your return on investment will be high because more than 95 % of Scout leaders are volunteers, receiving no salary.
  • We add Catalytic Funds to boost your investment; i.e. to ensure successful outcome and sharing of best practices.
  • We work with you, as closely as you want. The Foundation will manage the projects, taking care of monitoring and reporting, including communication with you as investor.