What we support

Guiding/Scouting is about developing Leadership. Whenever we support and train girls and young women to become self-confident, responsible and ready to take initiative and take the lead, we are growing leaders. We are here to help you set up and implement ambitious projects and programs for girls and young women. Projects could be in the areas of i.e. Capacity Building, Membership Growth, Leadership Development Programs, Program Development, Entrepreneurship/Social Entrepreneurship, Mentor Programs and similar.

Many programs run by WAGGGS Member Organizations are related to the UN Sustainability Development Goals engaging girls and young women to reach out to the community to make a visible difference in society, such as ‘Stop the Violence against girls and women’, programs about illiteracy, nutrition, IT, health, AIDS, helping refugees, environment projects, etc. In principle, all these projects have two parallel tracks; one for the specific project aim, the other for the leadership skills and life skills that the individual Scouts/Guides involved develop while working on the project.

The leadership track is extremely important for girls and young women. The Foundation wants to enhance this track, at the same time making it visible and measurable in order to show impact.

Successful project execution requires a clear picture of a project, its aim and specific outcomes, and agreement thereof between the partners.

To ensure this, we work closely with our project partners, using a set of project management guidelines covering the process from A-Z, starting with the project application and agreement.