Uganda project description

Being a Girl Guide in Uganda gives access to life skills and ledership training and development for the individual girl and young woman, enabling her to take lead in her own life and in society. UGGA has set the ambitious goal of growing the organization from current 200,000 members to 450,000 members by end of 2020.

This project is a nationwide roll-out of the UGGA membership growth concept tested in UGGA Membership Growth PILOT 2018 project,

Recruiting and training new leaders in schools and communities, who in turn recruit new members.

Furthermore this projects includes a pilot to develop a concept for establishing Girl Guiding in refugee camps.



Uganda Girl Guides Association (UGGA)

Project Name
Membership Growth


  • 4,060 New Adult Leaders in schools recrutied and trained
  • 1,400 New Young Leaders in communities recruited and trained
  • 324,500 Members total by end 2019
  • 450,000 Members total by end 2020
  • Subscription Fee Policy implemented nationwide
  • Digital membership system implemented nationwide
  • Concept developed for Girl Guiding in refugee camps

USD 233,000

January 2019 - December 2020